Crooked nose and coffee stories at our book shop

Are you asking me?
You must be joking. Let's step into the light. And here you are. And this is me. Do you still have questions to ask?
Who am I to give the answers for your questions. I do not have those even for my own.
Gichugu. Coffee from Kenya (7 Eur).
Stories are born here:


Imberlech - yiddish carrot and ginger sweet

Imberlech is a an old-timey passover carrot and ginger sweet. Now awailable at the book shop.

Zvi Jankelowitz, Director of Institutional Advancement at the Yiddish Book Center, describes his grandmother's legendary cooking and recipes she memorized and brought with her from Lithuania.


Just like in Berlin

Club Mate is a caffeinated carbonated mate-extract beverage made in Germany.

It is prefered by those from hacker culture and tech start-ups, according to Wikipedia and a missing page of Wired.