About Mint Vinetu

We are an independent bookstore, café and Internet hangout place in the heart of Vilnius' old town (the capital of Lithuania) where good people meet. 
Mint Vinetu was founded based on the belief that awesome things in life should be shared, and they surely they shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Here you will find a decent selection of pre-loved and new titles in different languages (Lithuanian, English, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, [Type in your language]), different genres (including a great selection of comics and magazines) for a fraction of the price you pay elsewhere. 
People come here to charge their hungry phones, to sit down and write a few emails and enjoy a cup of tea/coffee with homemade pie. Stroll in here while walking your dog on a lazy weekend, or grab a friend and come by to one of many poetry, movie, art, music, literature grassroots events we host throughout the year – we will make it special for sure. Check announcements about events on our website and on our Facebook page. Also know one thing about “events”… sometimes (as it happens in life) you just have to be at the right place at the right time! Mint Vinetu also has a tuned up piano and a free-to-play guitar and many of our artsy dwellers of old town sometimes create some really good moments on the spot. 
We also sell few unique crafts and cozy things for home; Lithuanian souvenirs, unique coffee, etc – can’t go wrong when you are looking for a small gift for your girlfriend from nearby Vilnius University or you are just visiting and wanna get a souvenir from our amazing city. 
Ok now about the name.. we get that question a lot.. One the first books we read in our early teenage years were stories about native American Indians (by saying “we” I say a whole generation of Lithuanians kinda grew up with them). The book by K. May about “Vinetu” reminded us about the joy of reading… I’m sure every one of us have a favorite book that we read.. (if you don’t.. than now you know where you can find one) and Mint (“Mėtinis”) just refers to tea and freshness. Also mostly we just didn’t want to call ourselves The UsedBookCoffeeInternetStore. Maybe the next bookstore we open we will call Mint Harry Potter...who knows? After all we survived 3 years in business, won The best new business initiative award from the Ministry of Industry of Lithuania in 2010 and had the Lithuanian president Dalia Grybauskaite, who also happens to live in the neighbourhood, bringing us her preloved books, picking up some new ones and hanging out at our place. Our bookstore launch print ad campaign ‘Become Someone Else’, thanks to the cool dudes Maksim and Tomas (ex Love advertising agency) is the most mentioned Lithuanian print ad in International advertising blogs and loved by many books enthusiast. But after all we are just happy that we can share some good things, create a space that can contribute to the cool Vilnius artsy landscape and get some positive energy/ideas from you. Hope to see you soon in our bookstore! Also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+
Mint Vinetu people: